Virginia Scottish Games - Athletics - September 2009



  Adam Brahosky - WFD Chris St. Clair - WFD Sam Grammer - WFD Chris St. Clair - Hammer
Kearney Smith - Hammer
Mike Zolkiewicz throwing WFD
Kearney Smith throwing weight for distance Kearnet Smith throwing weight for distance
Sam Gramer trowing weight for distance Chris St. Clair throwing weight for distance
Kearey Smith throwing the hammer Chris St. Clair throwing weight for distance Kearney Smith throwing hammer More Kearney Smith throwing hammer

Rob - Equipment Manager Athletics Club Med
Rich McClain Mike Wills Sheaf Father and son, David Hritz OMG That IS heavy
Jason Thomas - Sheaf Mike Dickens - Sheaf Kate Mason - Caber Sean McKay - Sheaf
Kate tells you what is about to happen Getting ready for Sheaf
Larry getting read to throw Larry throwing Weight for Distance Kate - announcer one day, athlete the next
David Marble throwing Open Stone Garret Johnson throwing Open Stone Jerry Witzman throwing Open Stone
Adam Brahosky throwing Open Stone
Zolk throwing Caber Sam getting ready to pick the Caber Sam throwing the Caber Chris picking the Caber Chris running with the Caber Gene carrying the Caber Zolk encouraging the Caber Zolk thanking the crowd
Kearney and the Caber Kearney getting ready yo turn the Caber Here we go And there it goes
Larry running with the Caber Larry throwing the Caber Go go go go go! Sam with the Caber Sam throws the Caber Here we go Chris throws the Caber
Gene throws the Caber Gene acknowledges the crowd Gene thanks the crowd Kearney throws the Caber
Larry plants... Larry pulls.  Did it go over? Zolk tries again Zolk encourages the Caber You're so pretty when you keep score Allison, Kate and Heather, the Women's Class Allison throws the Weight for Height Weight for Height (a.k.a. Weight over Bar) Adam throws the Weight for Height Kate throws Weight for Height Heather throws Weight for Height Jerry throws Weight for Height Charles throws Weight for Height
Everyone loves the Caber Toss Kate explaining the Caber to the crowd Athletes rest a bit out of the sun Caber crowd