Virginia Scottish Games - September 4 & 5, 2021

Dogs of Scotland


 Scottish Dog Links, Westie Rescue USA 

Every day thousands of animals become lost, are dropped off at shelters, or are abandoned. Some of these are West Highlands. Why do dogs become homeless? Reasons include illness or death in a family, human allergies, a move, lack of time, expense, etc. However, the most frequent cause is that the dog was never taught house manners. For the lack of a little training, the dog becomes unwelcome and, therefore, homeless.

The Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic volunteers take into their homes any Westie needing a second chance. We start out by obtaining a veterinary evaluation of and care for this "rescued" dog's medical needs. Then we begin to care for the dog's emotional needs for attention and love (of which we have plenty to share).

The foster family evaluates the dog's personality and training needs in order to find it a good permanent family and home. They begin to assist the dog in learning home manners, something new to many rescue animals, so that when the Westie goes to it's new home it will be successful in making it a permanent home.

For dogs that have been abused or neglected, this work is vital. With much love, we work on teaching them about how it can be fun living with people rather than how it was in their previous situation. In addition, the Club seeks potential adopters for rescued Westies by placing information in veterinary hospitals, grooming establishments, dog training schools, and shelters.

We also have information tables at various events that attract people who may want to adopt a dog. We provide educational material to people who are interested in learning about what to expect in a Westie and whether such a dog would be right for them. When a Westie becomes available for adoption we evaluate all applications on file and visit the home of each potential adopter to find the best home for that dog.

We then help the selected individual or family to prepare for the arrival of their new pet. The Club provides with the Westie an adoption kit with information on health, grooming, and training needs of the dog. Finally, we offer assistance if any questions occur later. All Westies are required to be spayed or neutered. We also recommend that each dog and owner attend an obedience class, not only for training but to the strengthen the bond between them.

How Can You Help Westies To Find the Loving Homes They Deserve and Need?

We are always in need of donations to cover medical expenses for helping the Westie recover its health and for costs of contacting people who may become potential adopters.

We need people who will call us if they know of a Westie who needs a new home. We need volunteers to go to events to inform the public about Westie Rescue. We desperately need more foster families. And, of course, we need good folks to take these dogs into their hearts and homes.

Thank you to the Shelties for some video of the dog events.

 Westie Rescue League Westies off to the races Scotties   Westie lounging The bar is open Westies everywhere  Play time! They come kilted Pipers leading the parade Cynthia leading the parade Westies on parade Scottish dogs A moment to relax Treats! Racing after the squirrel Almost got it Woo hoo!  

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