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Special thanks to Jerry Vandenberg, "Just a Simple Pedler," for all of his extremely hard work over the weekend with our sound systems.  To quote Jerry, "We'll sell anything, even the 2nd D in our name."

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Glengarry Bhoys

Glengarry BHoys

Described as bold, unorthodox, vibrant, and evocative, the "GLENGARRY BHOYS" hybrid of Canadian Highland Scots and French Canadian musical idioms has evolved into a sound that is weighty, authoritative, and extremely entertaining.

Their energy and good humor, as much a part of the show as their musicianship, crosses all cultures and ages. Many things have been written and reported about this world renown Canadian alt-celt group over that last decade, all depicting their musical and entertaining prowess with varied audiences the world over, but their ability to marshal large enthusiasticaudiences show after show is legion and recognized.

Their objective is simple yet evocative, as stated by their lead singer Graham Wright in a CBC "Fresh Air" interview: "if our audience can only get 10% of the satisfaction we get entertaining them - then we surpass objective". Accordingly and repeatedly, they do!!

From a small Scots-French-Canadian enclave in Eastern Ontario, these Celtic-Stompers,
always pushing the musical envelope but never straying too far from the traditional whence they came,
have earned a reputation as entertainers that challenge you to sit still during their engaging performances.

Go ahead and try!

Jil Chambless and Scooter Muse

Scooter Muse and Jil Chambless

Two members of the band Henriís Notions, the longest performing Celtic band in the Southeastern United States - more than 30 years!  Jil and Scooter have also performed frequently in a trio format with Scottish singer Ed Miller at many festivals throughout the US and Scotland. For the last several years Jil and Scooter have been fortunate to work alongside many of the finest artists in
Celtic Music, resulting in many spontaneous collaborations.

First introduced to Celtic music when she joined Henriís Notions in 1989, Jil Chambless has since become one of the finest singers and flute players on the Celtic circuit. In December 2009, Jil released her first solo CD, The Ladies Go Dancing, produced by the legendary Brian McNeill. Brian has stated that Jil is "...truly a great singer!" Jil brings to any audience a wonderful listening experience from haunting ballads to upbeat songs with a smooth delivery that never fails to bring both smiles and tears in each and every performance!

Although Scooter Muse has his roots in Bluegrass and is quite an accomplished 5-string banjo player, in the late 1980s he moved into the world of Celtic guitar and soon after founded the Full Moon Ensemble, performing for 8 years across the US and in Scotland before joining Henriís Notions in 2003. In 2005 Scooter released his first solo recording of original guitar instrumentals, Saddell Abbey, which he is proud to say was purchased by the Scottish Tourist Board in Kintyre.
The Saddell Abbey Trust of Scotland calls the recording, "...a haunting and beautiful piece of music."

In 2010, Jil and Scooter began performing as a duo to promote their individual solo projects, playing a variety of venues from small house concerts to major Celtic festivals. Since then they have released two CDs as a duo,
The Laverock Sang (2011) and Passing Tales & Glories (2014).

Glencoe Lads and Friends

There is a keen magic when Glencoe Lads take to the stage in their kilts and fiddles. National Champion Fiddlers SeŠn Heely and Colin McGlynn perform lively dance music from Scotland, Cape Breton, and Ireland to modern day tunes in the American tradition. From elegant, haunting slow airs, mighty pipe marches, and the wild Strathspeys and Reels. The Glencoe Lads have a charismatic stage presence and an unforgettably electrifying collaboration that is sure to get every toe tapping! They have performed at Alasdair Fraserís Fiddle camp in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, The Acadia Trad School of Music and Arts in Bar Harbor, ME for the sold out concert featuring Irish Fiddle legend Liz Carroll, and frequently are asked to perform for historic homes tours, and special events. The Lads are joined by multi-instrumentalist Kevin Elam and piper Tracy Jenkins.

Celtic Machinations

Jim Lawrence has performed diverse types of music for over four decades. He recorded a solo effort of rock n' roll and folk ballads in in the mid 80s and has recorded three CDs with his talented daughter Holly. The third CD, Caledonian Shadows, a collection of original and traditional Scottish ballads, was nominated for the prestigious Wammie award by the
Washington Area Music Association for best folk/traditional CD of 2011.

Lovely Lauren Smith is equally adept at bluegrass and Celtic music and is seen on a regular basis in the violin section
of the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra. Not only does she possess a quick ear and nimble fingers but she also
lends her lovely voice to background and lead vocals.

Their CD Spare Parts, which includes a guest vocal by Holly Breivik, is available for purchase,
and selections are available for listening at

Sterling Swordplayers



Is this how you have imagined yourself lo these many years, or as you watch Lord of the Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean,
or Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck?  Then the Sterling Swordplayers offers the perfect entertainment for you! 

From the Washington, DC suburbs, the Sterling Swordplayers bring their own brand of unique comedy
and entertainment to festivals up and down the Mid-Atlantic.

Entertainment - Alex Beaton

Alex continues his recovery at home with his wife Linda.  Please join with us in keeping them in your prayers as they continue this journey.  Thanks to Jil Chambless and Scooter Muse, we will be selling his CDs at the Entertainment Tent.  Please come by and send him some well wishes.  Please visit his website at for updates and to purchase his music.

 Alex Beaton Alex Beaton VSGA 2010

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