Virginia Scottish Games - September 5 & 6, 2020

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2019 Fiddle Tent Schedule & Entertainers


2019 Trophy Sponsors

Fiddler of the Day - Junior
- Sponsored by Maria & Ed Ward

Fiddler of the Day – Senior - Fauquier County ScottishHeritage Society Award
- Sponsored by Fauquier Scottish Heritage Society

Fiddling - Adult Novice - 1st Place - The Charles E. WattsMemorial Award
- Sponsored by Barbara Saliunas

Fiddling - Best Air - Francis & Anne Leslie MemorialAward
- Sponsored by Suzanne McDougal

Fiddling - Best Reel - Peter W. Walker Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Peter W. Walker II

Fiddling - Best Set - The Leah Sparks Memorial Award
- Sponsored by TheBoard of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

Fiddling - Best Strathspey - Michael Pavuk Memorial Award
- Sponsored by AndreaNovak

Fiddling - Junior - 1st Place - J.A. & C.A. MacDougallMemorial Award
- Sponsored by Daniel F. MacDougall

Fiddling - Junior - 2nd Place - Ian Smith-Christmas MemorialAward
- Sponsored by Harris Andrews & Ann Gates

Fiddling - Most Promising Fiddler - Dr. James MacPhersonJarrett Memorial Award
- Sponsored by William F. & Jeanne Marie Jarrett

Fiddling - Open - 2nd Place - Ronald Duncan Gonnella Award
- Sponsored by ClanDonnachaidh Society

Fiddling - Open - 3rd Place - Potomac Valley Scottish FiddleClub Award
- Sponsored by Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

Fiddling - Junior Novice - 1st Place - The William Kemp Memorial Award  
- Sponsored by Harris Andrews and AnnGates

Fiddling - Open - 1st Place - Paul Brockman Memorial Award
- Sponsored by NancyBrockman

2018 Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddling Competition
Elke Baker, Judge


1 Kathleen Lavengood — Paul Brockman Memorial Award

2 Catherine McClain — Ron Gonnella Award

3 Amy Lees Fox — Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club Award



1 Colin McGlynn — JA and CA MacDougall Memorial Award

2 Evelynn Foster — Ian Smith-Christmas Memorial Award

3 Emma Dorman


Junior Novice:

1 Nova Seidenstein — William Kemp Memorial Award


Best Air — Caitlin Renner

Best March — Kathleen Lavengood

Best Strathspey — Kathleen Lavengood

Best Reel — Kathleen Lavengood

Best Set — Evelynn Foster

Most Promising Fiddler — William Dorman

Junior Fiddler of the Day — Emma Dorman

Adult Fiddler of the Day — Catherine McClain

VSGA Scholarship — Nova Seidenstein

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Medal Sponsorship $30
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- Includes Gold, Silver and Bronze for one event




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Elke Baker    Ok, so he is not competing...

History of Scottish Fiddling

Since its introduction to Scotland at the end of the seventeenth century the violin – often under the name given to older bowed instruments, namely "fiddle" – has been central to the music of Scotland, from the Scandinavian-influenced Orkney and Shetland islands, through the wild dances and mournful airs of the Gaelic Highlands, to the ballrooms and performance halls of the cities, through the Scots lowlands and borders. The music composed for fiddle ranges from the simple anonymous folk tune to the refined compositions of one of Scotland ’s great 18th and 19th century composers, through the modern syncopated influences of today’s musicians. 

Scottish Fiddling is thus a living tradition, steeped in the past, existing in the present, and anticipating the future. It draws influences from, and influences in return, song the other great instrumental traditions of Scotland, such as harp and bagpipe. Scottish fiddle music is also unique in the Scottish arts in how it was influenced by Continental music traditions, and how its sounds and rhythms have formed much of the foundation of the fiddle music of the New World. 

The Scottish Fiddling Tent represents all aspects of this living tradition, from the judge’s instruction, where style points are discussed, to the fiddle competition, where today’s fiddlers are encouraged to achieve their highest potential, to the many concerts and performances showcasing this area’s rich and deep pool of talent on the Scottish fiddle and the instruments that accompany it. 


Come hear the best young (and not so young) aspiring fiddlers in a contest of skill and musicianship at the fiddle contest. Broken into Junior Novice, Novice, Junior (under 17), and Open categories, the full competition set includes a slow air, then a pause, followed by a medley made up of a march, a Strathspey, and a reel. Contestants are judged on technique, faithfulness to the Scottish idiom, and expression. After the competition, stick around while the judge’s decision is considered and listen to an impromptu jam session hosted by the competitors!

Registration can be through the VSG website; either fill in the web form (signature will be required on the day of the contest), or download and print the form in .pdf format and mail it to the address on the form. Same-day registration is offered until the contest commences. Your paid ticket to the games is your registration fee. More information about the requirements of the contest, such as tunes and etiquette, can be found here, or at Scottish Fiddling Revival’s (SFIRE) website in the “Competitions” section.

Further questions may be directed to the VSG's Fiddle Chair, Chandler Becker.


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