Virginia Scottish Games - September 4 & 5, 2021

Patrons & Trophies

 Patrons continue to be the lifeblood of the Virginia Scottish Games. It is only through your continued interest, generosity and support that we are able to bring the finest presentation of Scottish culture, heritage, crafts, and other activities to the general public.

Thank you to Walkers Shortbread and the Salmon Lady for their direct support of the Hospitality Tent.


Bonnie Prince Charlie

Clan Bradley


Stephen and Jackie Hayes

The Hoopes Family

Sheila Maith & David Douglass

Colvin T. Matheson

Thomas McMeechan 

SGM E. Kent McMichael & Betty McMichael

Conor Torquil Sinclair & Family


Goody Two Shoes and the Filthy Beast

Tom Blalock and Kristine Otte

Michael Brett-Surman

John & George Campbell

Tamm Chambless & Andrew Henle

Paul & Margaret Fraser Clark

Kristen DeBruycker

Luis & Martha Diaz-Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dowd

John & Pam Farmer

Bart Forbes & Antonio Uribe Jr.

Charles & Mita Forsyth

Mairi & Hank Furniss

Tom Morrison & Kathy Garrity

G. J. Graham

Mrs. Gordon M. Grant

Gerson Grosfeld

Christopher Henwood & Gianna Sauter

Steven Hoffman

The Holland Family

Scott & Claudia Johnston


Denise Waston Lovelace

Brian K. Mabry

A. Collin MacDonald & Margaret J. MacDonald

Patty & Jim MacGregor

Malcolm Matheson, III & Nancy West

Etta McKay, The Salmon Lady

Elaine & Lawrence McNeil

A.V. Novak

Tim Richards & Linda Richards

Carter & Jon Schildknecht

Tasiana Basdekis & Matt Sommers

Jo & Robert Strickland

Kevin B. Tompkins

Katherine & William Turner

Laci & John Wallin

Ed & Maria Ward

Christopher Stevens & Chris Weakley

Laura Grant Welch

Bonnet Laird

Mr. & Mrs. James DeRoche

Evan M. Duncan

Jean Stewart Findlay

Lori Frye

Alison Frye

Lt.Col. John James Gruehl, USMC, (Ret.)

Bill Jarrett

Walter McClelland

Jillian Parlin

John Ross

Jeff Sinclair

Clan Armstrong

Miss. Evelyn Stribling

Katherine Reha-Walsh

Rosemary A. Warren

Òrbheart Circle

In Memory of Margaret (Peggy) Collier - Mr. James McRae

Elaine & Lawrence McNeil


2019 Trophies & Sponsors

Fiddler of the Day - Junior
Sponsored by Maria & Ed Ward

Fiddler of the Day – Senior - Fauquier County Scottish Heritage Society Award
- Sponsored by Fauquier Scottish Heritage Society

Fiddling - Adult Novice - 1st Place - The Charles E. Watts MemorialAward
- Sponsored by Barbara Saliunas

Fiddling - Best Air - Francis & Anne Leslie Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Suzanne McDougal

Fiddling - Best Reel - Peter W. Walker Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Peter W. Walker II

Fiddling - Best Set - The Leah Sparks Memorial Award
- Sponsored by The Board of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

Fiddling - Best Strathspey - Michael Pavuk Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Andrea ovak

Fiddling - Junior - 1st Place - J.A. & C.A. MacDougall Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Daniel F. MacDougall

Fiddling - Junior - 2nd Place - Ian Smith-Christmas Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Harris Andrews & Ann Gates

Fiddling - Most Promising Fiddler - Dr. James MacPherson Jarrett Memorial Award
- Sponsored by William F. & Jeanne Marie Jarrett

Fiddling - Open - 2nd Place - Ronald Duncan Gonnella Award
- Sponsored by Clan Donnachaidh Society

Fiddling - Open - 3rd Place - Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club Award
- Sponsored by Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

Fiddling - Junior Novice - 1st Place - The William Kemp Memorial Award  
- Sponsored by Harris Andrews and Ann Gates

Fiddling - Open - 1st Place - Paul Brockman Memorial Award
- Sponsored by Nancy Brockman


 P&D Awards P&D Awards P&D Awards

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