Virginia Scottish Games - September 2 & 3, 2017

Patrons & Trophies

 Patrons continue to be the lifeblood of the Virginia Scottish Games. It is only through your continued interest, generosity and support that we are able to bring the finest presentation of Scottish culture, heritage, crafts, and other activities to the general public.

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Thank you to Walkers Shortbread and the Salmon Lady for their direct support of the Hospitality Tent.


Hospitality Tent


2017 Bonnie Prince Charlie

2017 Chief


2017 Laird


2017 Bonnet Laird


2017 Orbheart Circle Donation


2017 Trophies &Sponsors

Col. Robert Morrison Memorial Trophy
Sponsored by VSGA

Athletics - Open Masters Classic - The Allie McConnell Memorial Award
Sponsored by COL & Mrs. Frank McConnell

Athletics - Open Mens Athlete of the Day

Athletics - Adaptive Athletics Athlete of the Day - The Duncan Family Award
Sponsored by Ms. Alexandra L. Duncan

Athletics - Open Womens Athlete of the Day
Sponsored by Ms. Alexandra L. Duncan

Athletics - Professional Highland Heptathalon - Keith Tice Memorial Award
Sponsored by Mr. David S. McKenzie

Athletics - U.S. East Coast Amateur Champion 2017


Auto - Fan Favorite British Car

Auto - Favorite British Motorcycle

Auto - Games Chieftain's Favorite Car
Sponsored by Mr. David S. McKenzie


Piping - Grade IV Junior Piper of the Day - Robert Gilchrist Scholarship
Sponsored by VSGA

Piping - Grade IV Pipe Band - The Robert L. Clarke Award

Piping - Tenor Drummer of the Day - Marilyn C Frazier Memorial Trophy

Piping - Tenor Drummer of the Day - The Katherine S Wolgamott Memorial Trophy



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