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Reenactors at the Games - Living History

LEGIO IX Romans in Caledonia (83 AD):  This legion was raised by Pompei in 65 BC and by 83AD was serving with Agricola north of the Forth-Clyde line (later to become Antonine's Wall) in Scotland. Come see the 1st century AD Roman arms and equipment and join the camp life of Roman soldiers and their dependents. For more information please go to:

APPIN REGIMENT Scottish Jacobites (1745-1746):  The Stewarts of Appin raised a clan regiment to join Bonnie Prince Charlie in his attempt to put the Stuarts back on the British throne in the Jacobite Rising of 1746.  For nine months the Jacobite forces routed the English and marched to within 80 miles of London before turning back.  Watch veterans teach new recruits how to use the traditional Highland weapons -- broadsword, targe, and lochaber ax -- while others are repairing their clothes and arms, cooking, or wrapping curious lowlanders in the great plaid.  For more information please go to:

84TH REGIMENT OF FOOT American Revolution (1775-1784)Also known as the “Royal Highland Emigrants,” the 84th was raised from loyalist Scottish emigrants in America by the English in 1775 to quell the American uprising.  Wearing the traditional plaid, they served on the Canada-New York frontier and in the southern colonies of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia.  Disbanded in 1784, many veterans accepted land grants in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  This Light Infantry company demonstrates the uniform and arms of the British Army Highland soldier of the 1770’s.  For more information please go to:

SUBJECTS OF THE QUEEN Victorian (1883) By the end of the 19th Century, Queen Victoria reigned over an empire won by diplomacy and brute force.  More troops were needed.  Regiments were raised from the fertile recruiting grounds of the Highlands.  Today, scattered across the world, the descendants of Scots continue their tradition of fierce loyalty by serving in the armed forces of their adopted homelands and celebrating their common heritage in ceilidhs and games.  Dan Peer, family and friends portray the camp life of both officers and men, and the officer’s ladies demonstrate the domestic side of military life.  For more information please contact Dan Peer at:

42ND HIGHLANDERS Crimean War (1854):  Commonly known as “The BlackWatch,” the 42nd was raised in 1739 and is the senior Highland regiment in the British Army.  When the British and French declared war on Russia in 1854 the 42nd was sent to Crimea.  As was common practice in the day, the 42nd left behind a Depot Company in Scotland to enlist and train new recruits to replace the men the regiment lost in combat or to disease or other misadventures.  Today’s Depot Company has a piper and a fast talking corporal bent on meeting his recruitment quota for the day.   For more information please contact “Corporal Pierson” at:

42nd Highlanders

15TH (SCOTTISH) RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT World War II (1945): The 15th Recce Regt served in WWII campaigns in Europe with the British Army’s 15th (Scottish) Division.  The unit is dedicated to interpreting the life of the WWII Scottish Soldier through displays of weapons, uniforms, and restored military vehicles.  For information see



Great thanks to Daniel Gilbert for continuing to make it possible to have re-enactors at the Virginia Scottish Games.

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